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Note for Using Magnets&magnetic Assemblies

Temperature: Choose a suitable magnet material,if the actual working temperature is higher than the maximum temperature that the magnet can withstand, the magnet assembly will demagnetize until it has no magnetism.

Environment: Under the normal room temperature and dry environment, magnet assembly with zinc plating or nickel plating is ok for use. If it is a wet or outdoor environment or used on the objects with a painted surface, special finish treatment is needed, such as rubber coated magnets.

Handling and storage: Magnets used in magnetic assemblies are usually NdFeB and ferrite which are fragile, Therefore, care should be taken when handling to avoid the magnet being broken, storage should also choose the appropriate environment, not place magnet assemblies on the ground.

Access: Magnetic assembly products usually have strong magnetic force, especially large magnet systems or NdFeB pot magnets, which are difficult to separate when they are attracted to each other. The correct way is to fix the magnets on the edge of a non-metallic table, and then move a needed magnet away.

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