Rubber Magnetic Frames

The rubber magnetic frame provides well protection for any paper. It is not only magnetic stationery but also known as a magnetic photo(picture) frame. The rubber magnetic frame is made of thin plastic and easy to bend. It works well on flat and curved surfaces. It is made of soft plastic with a rubber magnet-backed

The Uses Of Rubber Magnetic Frames:

A rubber magnetic frame is a simple way to protect and display photos on your refrigerator, filing cabinet, lockers, and other metal surfaces

You can use a rubber magnetic frame as s magnetic file frame to show important notifications on the message board.

You can use rubber magnetic frames to hold frequently-used documents or public notice in the office.

You can use a rubber magnetic frame to decorate your photo walls.

In a word, magnetic frames are easy to be used and widely used in many places. We have standard sizes of A3, A4, A5 available for the rubber magnetic frames.

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