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What Are the Uses of NdFeB Magnets?

Where magnets can be used around our living life? As the"Magneto King", NdFeB magnets have many uses. And each use plays an important role in life.

1. NdFeB magnet magnetization, the technology is to use the magnetic field to magnetize the object. It can change the nature and combination state of the object, alter the state of atoms and electrons, and catalyze chemical reactions.

2. Magnetic separation, the technology is also known as dressing magnetic separation technology, can take the magnetic material out from the non-magnetic materials. It is commonly used in mineral coal selecting, the pharmaceutical chemical industry and water treatment.

3. NdFeB magnet can lift the load line, for example, a crane sucks up the object by applying magnetic force, small size and hudge force. A magnetic crane is very suitable for lifting objects like iron, steel, mechanical parts and other adsorbable objects.

4. Microwave communication. NdFeB magnet is also very useful in communication, such as magnetron, satellite communications, radar detection, electronic tracking and so on need to use NdFeB magnet.

5. Permanent magnet motor, which is composed of many motors in the car everyday, is an important part of the motor. Its emergence makes the motor achieve energy conservation and become smaller. And it is higher technological leapfrogging in specific power.

6. Magnetic therapy, in the medical field, has researched and developed arthritis, hypertension, coronary heart, and other diseases treatment. The principle of rare earth neodymium magnets is to use the artificial magnetic field on the human body acupoints and veins lesions for treatment.

7. Magnetic resonance imaging, at the hospital, there is a necessary detection in cancer oncology,cardio-cerebrovascular and nervous system department, that is magnetic resonance imaging. It can find the human soft tissue lesions so to help doctors make more accurate judgments.

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