Magnet Applications Products

Magnet Applications

Holding & Fixing Holding & Fixing

The magnetic assemblies products produced by Beilun Meank are widely used for holding and fixing applications(such as holding magnets for tool and knife, holding magnets for paper, holding magnets for welding).

Salvaging & Lifting Salvaging & Lifting

Neodymium pot magnets have the strongest magnetic force, especially big neodymium pot magnets which are used for heavy duty application, like as salvage(fishing) and lifting.

Installation & Mounting Installation & Mounting

For some installation(mounting) operations on metal equipment, it's impossible to drill holes. Then magnets assemblies products are the best helper. Beilun Meank customize all kinds of mounting magnets, and have various standard mounting magnets for sale.

Hooking & Hanging Hooking & Hanging

Hooking(hangsing) is one of the main application aspects of magnets assemblies products. Beilun Meank has wide range of magnetic products for hooking(hangsing) application.


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