Waterproof Magnets With PVC Coated

The waterproof magnets in this category are neodymium with PVC coated, such PVC coated neodymium magnets are mono-pole magnets and used in pairs, and known as PVC invisible magnetic buttons and PVC waterproof magnetic buttons.

PVC waterproof magnetic buttons are mainly designed to prevent the magnet from oxidation when it comes into contact with air or water. PVC is used to compress the magnet with high frequency to isolate the product from air and water. Even when it comes into direct contact with water and air, it will not oxidize and rust.

PVC waterproof magnetic buttons are washable and sewable, they are widely used in clothing, underwear, handbags, leather bags and other textile products. It is convenient to use, and the product is divided into positive and negative poles.

neodymium-sewing-magnets.jpgThe PVC coated waterproof neodymium magnets are called sewing magnets, they can be sewed in curtain and used as holding magnets. By using strong PVC hidden and invisible magnetic buttons, the product look more beautiful and generous. Traditional buttons will be gradually replaced by the PVC waterproof and invisible magnetic buttons.

The magnetic buttons(also called as button magnets) are made of thin neodymium magnets and steel cover, then sealed in soft PVC. The rare earth neodymium magnets provide the maximum magnetic strength. The steel cover are mostly made with Zn-plated to make it durable in wet condition.

waterproof-neodymium-magnets.jpgCharacteristics of PVC Waterproof Magnetic Buttons:

The magnetic button usually used in pairs as clothes magnets, blanket magnet, bag magnet etc. So they are known as sewing magnets or sew in magnets. To make the magnetic button waterproof and sew-able, we make PVC coat on the magnetic button surface. That is the PVC magnetic button, this kind magnetic buttons are different from normal button magnet, they are hidden in the products where it's used, and you can not see it outside. So it is hidden magnetic button or invisible magnetic button.

By using the hidden PVC magnetic button, the appearance of application products can not be affected. Meank magnetic are professional China PVC magnetic button producer. We not only have wide size range for the waterproof magnetic button, but also can make new size according to customers' needs.


Why Choose Meank's PVC Magnetic Buttons?

There are two advantages of our PVC magnetic button(PVC waterproof magnets, plastic coated waterproof magnets):one is the strongest magnetic force,because we use standard neodymium magnet material which assure the performance of the hidden magnetic button. the other  one is durable than other's,we only use the high quality PVC,so that our PVC magnetic button are sew-able and washable.The PVC coats can not broken easily.

The Process Technology of PVC Invisible Magnetic Button:

 PVC clothing invisible waterproof magnetic button(PVC magnetic button)is made by magnetic circuit principle,adding nickel or zinc coated steel cover on a neodymium disc magnet to enhance the magnetism,and then high-prequency pressing. It is easy to install, waterproof, anti-rust, beautiful and easy to use, widely used in clothing coat fashion hardware accessories.

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