Magnetic Products

Ningbo Beilun Meank Magnetics Co., Ltd produces a wide range of magnetic products, also known as custom magnetic assemblies or magnetic systems. Our product series includes various types of neodymium magnet cups (pots) for mounting and holding, ferrite magnet cups (pots) for mounting and holding, rubber-coated magnetic bases for mounting and holding, magnetic hooks (hook magnets), channel magnets (magnetic tool holders), and office magnets (including whiteboard magnets, magnetic pins, magnetic name badges), as well as salvage magnets for sale. These magnetic products serve a variety of applications in both production and daily life, covering holding and clamping, salvaging and lifting, installation and mounting, as well as hooking and organizing. We are not only dedicated to manufacturing standard magnetic products for global users and distributors but also excel in crafting customized magnetic assemblies.

Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

Discover powerful rare earth neodymium magnets at competitive wholesale prices. Industry's top choice, renowned for its strength and energy efficiency.

Waterproof Magnets

MEANK offers bulk waterproof neodymium magnets, vital for preventing oxidation in humid environments due to NdFeB's lack of corrosion resistance.

Rare Earth SmCo Magnets

Discover unparalleled magnetic strength with our rare earth SmCo magnets. Engineered for superior performance, these magnets deliver exceptional power and durability.

Rubber Magnets

Ferrite flexible rubber magnets: versatile, strong, and easy to shape; used in various applications like holding, toys, and industrial sectors.

Neodymium Pot Magnets

Cup magnets, often neodymium-based, feature strong magnets encased in steel shells, offering versatile applications with enhanced magnetic force.

Neodymium Fishing Magnets

Meank offers strong neodymium fishing magnets for sale, ideal for salvaging large metal objects in various water environments.

Ferrite Pot Magnets

Meank, a leading China ferrite pot magnet manufacturer, offers robust ferrite cup magnets for versatile magnetic clamping and holding solutions.

Magnetic Hooks

Meank offers powerful magnetic hooks for versatile hanging, holding, and mounting solutions. Various types cater to diverse needs.

Office Magnets

Office magnets, including plastic and steel housed types, offer strong clamping for light objects like papers. Various shapes and materials available.

Magnetic Holders

Magnetic holders, like tool, knife, and welding magnets, provide strong organization and holding solutions for various applications.

U/C Channel Magnets

U-channel holding magnets, with rectangular bar shape, enhance magnetic force and protection, ideal for various applications in carpentry and signage technology.

The Reason Why Choose Beilun Meank

The Reason Why Choose Beilun Meank

Meank Magnetics, which is a wholesale pot magnet factory, professional manufacture customised magnetic assemblies for applications of clamping, mounting, lifting, hanging and holding. High quality customizes the following products: mounting pot magnets(include internally threaded pot magnets and externally threaded pot magnets), male and female threaded rubber coated pot magnets, all kinds of big magnetic hooks,salvage and fishing magnets ,magnetic tools and office magnets.

Magnet Application

For retail, we have high quality standard magnets assemblies with wide selection range for sale at cheap price(include mounting pot magnets, magnetic hooks, fishing magnets, magnetic bases and office magnets); For special applications, we can quickly provide the best magnetic application solutions.

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