Large Neodymium Magnets

The neodymium magnet with length and diameter over 80mm and the are always called large neodymium magnets. Meank customize and supply nice large rare earth neodymium rare magnets,and we have full size range for large neodymium rare earth magnets for sale...

Available surface treatment for large neodymium powerful magnets

Large neodymium rare earth magnets material are not rust-resistant, surface protection treatment become to be necessary for a big neodymium powerful magnet. Here is the available surface treatment for large neodymium powerful magnets,and details of each kind of coating.

SurfaceCoatingThickness (Microns)ColorResistance
1Silver GreyTemporary Protection
NickelNi+Ni10-20Bright SilverExcellent Against Humidity
Ni+Cu+NiGood Against Salt Spray
ZincZn8-20Bright BlueExcellent Against Salt Spray
C-ZnShinny ColorSuperior Against Humidity
TinNi+Cu+Sn15-20SilverSuperior Against Humidity
SilverNi+Cu+Ag10-20SilverSuperior Against Humidity
GoldNi+Cu+Au10-20GoldTemporary Protection
CopperNi+Cu10-20GoldExcellent Against Humidity&Salt Spray
EpoxyEpoxy15-25Black,Red,GreyExcellent Against Humidity,Salt Spray,Superior Against Solvents,Gases, Fungi and Bacteria,FDA Approved
Ni+Cu+EpoxyExcellent Against Humidity
ParyleneParylene5-20GreyExcellent Against Humidity
ChemicalNi10-20Silver GreyExcellent Against Humidity

Caution is necessary for large rare earth neodymium strong magnets

Large neodymium magnets are super powerful and strong magnets,which are very dangerous,they would bring damage to your body and all electronic devices if handled without caution.Large rare earth magnets are also fragile.So please make sure read the safety neodymium magnets information ahead when handle and storage large neodymium magnets.

The grade for large strong rare earth neodymium magnets

The grade of N52 is the highest grade for large powerful and strong rare earth neodymium magnets for sale, all available grade for large neodymium magnets are listed on the table,and there are the maximum working temperature for each grade.

Neodymium Material GradeMaximum Working Temp.Curie Temp.
N(N35,N38,N40,N42,N45,N48,N50,N52)176°F (80°C)590°F (310°C)
N-M(N35M,N38M,N40M,N42M,N45M,N48M,N50M,N52M)212°F (100°C)644°F (340°C)
N-H(N35H,N38H,N40H,N42H,N45H,N48H,N50H)248°F (120°C)644°F (340°C)
N-SH(N35SH,N38SH,N40H,N42SH,N45SH,N48SH)302°F (150°C)644°F (340°C)
N-UH(N28UH,N30UH,N33UH,N35UH,N38UH,N40UH,N42UH)356°F (180°C)662°F (350°C)
N-EH(N28EH,N30EH,N33EH,N35EH,N38EH,N40EH)392°F (200°C)662°F (350°C)
N-AH(N28AH,N33AH,N35AH,N38AH)428°F (230°C)662°F (350°C)

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