SmCo Bar Magnets

The long rare earth SmCo block magnets are called as SmCo bar magnets.Rare Earth samarium cobalt (SmCo) bar magnets can be used in high temperature environment or applications with demagnetization potential. SmCo bar magnets can be custom machined in different ways and can be magnetized in a specified direction. But the direction of magnetization must be fixed during the manufacturing process and cannot be changed when the magnet is made, which is the same as neodymium bar magnets.

Appropriate handling and packing required for SmCo block bar magnets to ensure safety and prevent damage

The brittle nature of the alloy can lead to flying chips if the magnets are allowed to impact each other or a solid surface. Most receiving departments are not familiar with the strength of Samarium Cobalt bar magnets and this can result in injury or broken parts. All personnel that may come in contact with this alloy should be made aware of the dangers of handling these magnets.  Larger SmCo bar magnets can become a pinching hazard if caution is not exercised. We remind all customers to  handle SmCo bar magnets with care.

Available Grades of Rare Earth Samarium Cobalt Bar Magnets:

Discover a spectrum of rare earth samarium cobalt bar magnets, featuring various grades catering to diverse industrial needs. With magnetic energy ranging from 16 to 32 MGOe, these bar magnets offer a nuanced selection for optimizing cost, magnetic performance, and temperature resistance. Choose from grades such as (1-5) and (2-17), each with distinct atomic ratios of Samarium to Cobalt. Ideal for sensors, motors, and intricate systems, these compact and powerful bar magnets provide a tailored solution for your magnetic requirements. Explore the possibilities and elevate your applications with the exceptional performance of rare earth Samarium Cobalt bar magnets.

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