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Selection Skills and Precautions for Magnetic Hooks

The magnetic hooks are a kind of NdFeB magnetic hooks, which have the characteristics of small size and large suction force. When these are vertically adsorbed on the surface of the material, the suction force can be maximized.

Magnetic hooks are generally used in doors, cabinets, door suctions, ceiling fixtures, signs, banners, tight fittings, jigs and fixtures, lighting, exhibition equipment, industrial fixtures, etc. In this way, there is no need for damage work such as punching holes on the walls or doors and windows, which is more convenient and safe, and protects various items from secondary construction. Here we will talk to you about how to buy good magnetic plastic hooks and how to use the magnetic hooks reasonably.

Ⅰ. The purchase skills of magnetic hooks

When you need to use any product, you need to do a good job in purchasing the product first, so what skills do you have when purchasing?

(1) See if the manufacturer of the magnetic hooks are excellent.

The magnetic hooks produced by excellent manufacturers are more guaranteed in terms of quality and performance.

(2) Check whether the style and specifications of the magnetic hooks are suitable for your application requirements.

According to different application requirements, the specific types and specifications of the magnetic hooks used are different. Therefore, in order to realize the optimized application of the hooks, it is required that everyone pay attention to whether the style and specifications of the hooks are suitable when purchasing the hooks from magnetic hook suppliers.

(3) Look at the quality of the magnetic hooks.

Only very high-quality magnetic hooks can achieve the ability to optimize the application. For example, when purchasing the hook, the manufacturer is required to give a detailed introduction to the material, structure, surface, etc. of the hook, and then check whether the product conforms to the manufacturer's statement.

The reason why the magnetic hooks can win the trust of consumers is mainly due to the particularity of the material it chooses to make. Only by ensuring that the magnetic hooks have a strong magnetic force, can it play the best performance during use.

Ⅱ. What will affect the magnetic force of the magnetic hooks?

(1) Avoid prolonged overload use. The use of magnetic hooks are limited by time and weight. If overloading occurs, it is easy to cause the magnetic force to drop.

(2) The magnetism of the magnet used in the magnetic hooks do not meet the requirements, or the hooks and some magnetic substances are in contact too frequently in the later period, resulting in a decrease in the magnetic force.

(3) There is a problem with the quality of the product itself. Although its own performance is superior, it must be treated with caution when using it,  such as the magnetic swivel hook, because the existence of many factors can easily lead to more problems. The failure will also lead to the decline of its magnetic force. Therefore, when the magnetic hooks are in use, people need to take the correct way to solve the problem in time, so as not to affect the use effect.

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