SmCo Arc Magnets

The rare earth arc magnets on this page are made from the rare earth magnetic material samarium and cobalt. Samarium cobalt arc magnet is the second strong magnetic material behind neodymium,and widely used because they are much more resistant to corrosion and have higher maximum operating temperatures. Beilun Meank supplys rare earth samarium cobalt (SmCo) arc magnets for motors where neodymium arc magnets can not work. Some of SmCo arc magnets are finished with a triple coating of nickel, copper and nickel when they are used in acidic and high moisture environment.

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Revolutionizing Precision Motors: The Rise of SmCo Rare Earth Arc Magnets

In the past, aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets were predominantly used in high-temperature precision equipment permanent magnet motors. However, with recent trends in the miniaturization and lightweighting of precision devices, the magnets used in permanent magnet motors for precision equipment have evolved to use rare earth SmCo arc magnets instead of aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets. This shift is primarily due to their excellent performance in several aspects.

Firstly, SmCo magnets have a large maximum energy product (BH)max (J/m3), second only to NdFeB rare earth magnets among practical magnets. This reduces the volume of magnets installed in devices like motors, enabling equipment miniaturization and lightweighting. Additionally, the residual magnetic flux density (Br) reaches a level equivalent to that of aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets. Secondly, SmCo magnets have significantly higher coercivity (Oe), approximately 10 times that of aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets. Therefore, there is no need to design the magnet size for the magnetization direction as large as aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets, contributing significantly to the miniaturization of high-temperature precision equipment.

Against the backdrop of these superior features of SmCo rare earth magnets, recent market trends for permanent magnet motors are moving towards lightweighting and higher output.

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