Neodymium Screw On Magnets

All flat ring magnets and block magnets with countersunk holes can be fastened with countersunk head screw, and given the name of screw-on magnets or screw-in magnets.Due to strong adhesive force, neodymium screw-on magnets are widely used in kitchen installations, booth construction, and shopfitting, signage technology, furniture construction, etc. Neodymium&ferrite pot magnets with counterbore and pot magnets with cylindrical borehole are also perfect for screw-fastening

Surface treatment is required on neodymium(NdFeB) screw on magnets

To make them used longer, protection coating needed for the surface of rare earth neodymium(NdFeB) screw-on magnet, Zinc plating, nickel, environmental protection zinc, environmental protection nickel, nickel copper nickel, environmental protection nickel copper nickel,epoxy coating are usually adopted. Rubber or plastic coated neodymium screw-on magnets can be supplied by Meank.

SurfaceCoatingThickness (Microns)ColorResistance
1Silver GreyTemporary Protection
NickelNi+Ni10-20Bright SilverExcellent Against Humidity
Ni+Cu+NiGood Against Salt Spray
ZincZn8-20Bright BlueExcellent Against Salt Spray
C-ZnShinny ColorSuperior Against Humidity
TinNi+Cu+Sn15-20SilverSuperior Against Humidity
SilverNi+Cu+Ag10-20SilverSuperior Against Humidity
GoldNi+Cu+Au10-20GoldTemporary Protection
CopperNi+Cu10-20GoldExcellent Against Humidity&Salt Spray
EpoxyEpoxy15-25Black,Red,GreyExcellent Against Humidity,Salt Spray,Superior Against Solvents,Gases, Fungi and Bacteria,FDA Approved
Ni+Cu+EpoxyExcellent Against Humidity
ParyleneParylene5-20GreyExcellent Against Humidity
ChemicalNi10-20Silver GreyExcellent Against Humidity

Magnetization direction of neodymium (NdFeB) screw-on magnets

Screw-on magnets are usually axially magnetized.That’s to say the poles are located above and below on the circular surface.Please tell us which side is N-pole or S-pole when order screw-on magnets

Custom screw-on neodymium(NdFeB) magnet

Screw-on neodymium magnets are widely used magnetic holder in daily life,some size can be used almost everywhere.We can make all types of custom neodymium screw-on magnets,which including rectangular screw-on neodymium magnet blocks,screw-on magnetic disc, waterproof screw-on magnets with plastic or rubber coated.The drawings are usually needed for making screw-on neodymium magnets.

The maximum working temperature of neodymium screw-on magnets

Neodymium Material GradeMaximumWorking Temp.Curie Temp.
N(N35,N38,N40,N42,N45,N48,N50,N52)176°F (80°C)590°F (310°C)
N-M(N35M,N38M,N40M,N42M,N45M,N48M,N50M,N52M)212°F (100°C)644°F (340°C)
N-H(N35H,N38H,N40H,N42H,N45H,N48H,N50H)248°F (120°C)644°F (340°C)
N-SH(N35SH,N38SH,N40H,N42SH,N45SH,N48SH)302°F (150°C)644°F (340°C)
N-UH(N28UH,N30UH,N33UH,N35UH,N38UH,N40UH,N42UH)356°F (180°C)662°F (350°C)
N-EH(N28EH,N30EH,N33EH,N35EH,N38EH,N40EH)392°F (200°C)662°F (350°C)
N-AH(N28AH,N33AH,N35AH,N38AH)428°F (230°C)662°F (350°C)

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