Ferrite Pot Magnets

Meank, a professional china ferrite pot magnet manufacturer and pot magnets supplier, provides ferrite cup/pot magnets that also known as mounting magnets (clamping magnets, holding magnets, magnetic holders), which are great magnetic solutions for magnetic clamping, magnetic mounting, and magnetic holding. These magnet assemblies are made of ceramic magnets encased in steel shells and can withstand continuous impact without breaking. Ferrite cup magnets are designed to clamp steel surfaces directly and are ideal for industrial applications such as the steel industry or tool shop.

Countersunk Ferrite Flat Cup Magnets

Countersunk Ferrite Flat Cup Magnets

Countersunk ferrite flat cup/pot magnets are the most widely used ferrite magnetic assemblies. Because ferrite(ceramic) magnets are cheap, ferrite countersunk pot(cup) magnets are used when not need t...

Counterbore Ferrite Shallow Pot Magnets

Counterbore Ferrite Shallow Pot Magnets

Counterbore cup magnet(flat shallow pot magnet)is a nice magnetic assembly for holding,clamping&mounting, it also called as magnetic holder and holding magnet. The magnetic assembly that ring magn...

Flat Ferrite Pot Magnets With Threaded Hole

Flat Ferrite Pot Magnets With Threaded Hole

Ferrite cup magnets include various designs and offer different solutions. Different designs adopted different shape ferrite magnet. This is a hard ferrite flat cup magnet with an internal ...

Ferrite Cup Magnets With External Threaded Stud

Ferrite Cup Magnets With External Threaded Stud

The magnetic assembly of ferromagnetic steel cup with external(male) screw threaded stud and a ceramic disc magnet glued inside is called ferrite pot/cup magnets with external threaded stud.

Ferrite Pot Magnet With Hook

Ferrite Pot Magnet With Hook

Ferrite cup/pot magnets with hook is shorted as ferrite hook magnets,they are composed of internal threaded ferrite cup magnets and durable steel hooks. Common ferrite hook magnets with are ...

Ferrite Cup Magnets With Internal Threaded Stem

Ferrite Cup Magnets With Internal Threaded Stem

A ferrite disc magnet housed in a cup or pot shape ferromagnetic iron shell that with a female threaded bushing is shorted as internal(female) threaded ferrite pot magnets. The internal thread steel c...

Ferrite Flat Pot Magnets

Ferrite Flat Pot Magnets

A real flat shallow pot magnet is without any screw stud and mounting hole, just an iron shell housed disc magnet, and known as mono-pole magnets.Such flat ferrite pot magnets without mounting hole an...

Why Choose Beilun Meank As Your Ferrite Pot Magnets Supplier?


All types available and full size range: we are professional cup(pot) magnets supplier that have all types ferrite pot magnets to offer, and have full sizes range for each type.


Different packing requirement can be met, besides normal standard packaging, we can provide retail single packaging.


Most of common ferrite cup magnets can be delivered in short time.


Different surface treatment can be provided for ferrite cup/pot magnets.


We are worldwide supplier of ferrite pot/cup magnets who always deliver high quality products.

Features of Ferrite Pot Magnets & Mounting Magnets

Unlike normal ferrite magnets, the magnetic lines of force are concentrated & limited on one side of the ferrite holding pot magnets, resulting in a strong clamping force.

The steel shell concentrates the magnetic flux on the working surface of the ferrite/ceramic pot magnet, making it five times stronger than an ordinary ferrite magnet.

The steel cup not only protect the ferrite magnetic assembly, and also make them suit for all types of mounting, so ferrite cup magnets are known as ferrite mounting magnets

The ferrite cup magnets are mountable and can be screwed onto non-magnetic surfaces with screws, and known as ferrite screw-on magnets.

Common Uses and Application of Ferrite Pot Magnets & Clamping Magnets

Due to the low cost, ferrite pot magnets are widely used when super strong holding forces are not needed.

Countersunk(counterbore) ferrite pot magnets can be screwed on the non-metal surface and used as holding magnets and magnetic organizer

Ferrite pot magnets with threaded stud are used as a magnetic bases for mounting.

Ferrite pot magnets with hooks often used for hanging.

Ferrite cup magnets can be used as magnetic door holders.

Ferrite flat cup magnets can be used for magnetic clamping.

Small ferrite pot magnets are used as magnetic holders for papers.

Different Choices of Ferrite Pot Magnets & Mountable Magnets

Our company as one of the leading pot magnets suppliers can provide a series of ferrite pot(cup) magnets, including that with threaded holes, countersunk holes or threaded stud & bush as below:

Flat ferrite shallow pot magnets without hole and threaded stud, which called ferrite mono-pole magnets.

Countersunk ceramic/ferrite pot magnets which called screwed-on and mountable ferrite pot magnets.

Counterbore ferrite pot magnets that have cylindrical mounting hole and known as ceramic mounting magnets.

External thread ferrite pot magnets that ceramic disc magnets housed with steel cup shaped shells with male threaded stud for mounting.

Internal thread ceramic pot magnets that ferrite disc magnets covered with female threaded mounting stem steel cup shaped house.

Flat ceramic pot magnets with threaded through hole that ferrite ring magnets housed in a flat cup shape steel shell with threaded socket in the center.

Ferrite hook magnets(ceramic magnetic hooks) that female threaded ceramic pot magnets with detachable threaded hooks.

Advantages of Ferrite Pot Magnets & Mounting Magnets

For retail, we have high quality standard magnets assemblies with wide selection range for sale at cheap price(include mounting pot magnets, magnetic hooks, fishing magnets, magnetic bases and office magnets); For special applications, we can quickly provide the best magnetic application solutions.

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