Neodymium Fishing Magnets

There are strong and powerful salvage magnets for sale at Meank. The name of strong salvage fishing neodymium magnet comes from the use, neodymium magnets used for magnet fishing operations are called neodymium fishing magnets or salvage magnets and search magnets. Magnetic salvage fishing magnet can be divided into single-sided fishing magnets and double sided magnets for fishing, both of the two types of strong fishing magnets can be made with ring-shaped neodymium magnets and disc-shaped neodymium magnets.

Neodymium magnet fishing for sale (salvage & search magnets) acts as a metal detector made with powerful neodymium pot magnets and durable ring bolts. Magnetic salvage fishing magnet can be done almost anywhere. The magnetic force of the neodymium magnet is enough to salvage large pieces of metal in the water. Magnet fishing can be seen at bridges, canals, boats, piers, and old wells. The magnetic salvage fishing magnets are made to lift any metallic objects from anywhere you can't get them.

You can use powerful fishing magnets to lift bicycles, road signs, tire rims, and other metal objects from wells, rivers, or lakes.

Strong Neodymium Magnet Fishing for Sale

FAQs about Neodymium Magnet Fishing for Sale


What are the best strong&powerful fishing magnets?

The best powerful magnets for magnet fishing depends on your fishing target. When purchasing a magnetic fishing magnet, you must know its working depth and the weight of the fishing object, and then select the appropriate size. They have to be strong enough, so neodymium fishing magnets are the most commonly used for magnet fishing.

For professional magnet fishing, the strong salvage fishing magnet also comes with a special toolbox and gloves, and other sage accessories.


How to make the strong salvage fishing neodymium magnet?

The salvage magnet fishing can be done with a neodymium pot magnet with the bolt. You can buy any neodymium ring bolt pot magnet and nylon rope to make a simple DIY fishing magnet, but it is recommended to use a more complete magnet fishing equipment package to protect your hands and fishing magnets. Meank can supply a complete set of magnet fishing equipment, including powerful fishing magnets for sale, ropes, shackles, thread locking agents, and gloves.


How big of a search magnet do you need for magnet salvage?

According to the size and weight of the metal target you want to salvage, you can choose the most suitable one from several fishing magnets of different strengths. Mean can provide the various types of powerful magnets for magnet fishing. You can contact us to customize super strong fishing magnets.


What is the best rope for magnet fishing?

The best rope for fishing neodymium magnets is double braided nylon rope. It's best to use ultraviolet (UV) and corrosion-resistant rope, which can be used for several years. Meank sells magnetic fishing bags, including strong nylon ropes.


What is the best knot for fishing magnets?

The best knot for magnet fishing varies from user to user. Most of the time, you'll see people using Palomar knots. There are also three widely considered to be the best knots for neodymium magnets for fishing. Many metal detectors use double digital eight junctions, single junction, or anchor knot. The best material for knots for deepwater salvage magnets is stainless steel.


What is the strongest fishing magnet?

Meank magnets for fishing for sale is often used for heavy-duty salvage. In terms of magnetic force, NdFeB(neodymium) is the best magnetic material for the fishing magnets which is always called fishing neodymium magnets.

What are Fishing Magnets Used for

The super-strong neodymium fishing magnets can be used as metal detectors to help in deep water search and rescue.

The strongest fishing magnet can be used to search for any lost iron objects and equipment falling at the bottom of the river or well

Powerful fishing magnets are often used in shipyards to retrieve&salvage underwater plates.

Neodymium search magnets have become to be professional magnetic salvage and search tools and sold with ropes, ring bolts, gloves, and toolboxes.

The Factors That Affect the Holding Force of a Neodymium Salvage/Search Magnets

1. The thickness of the metal adopted on neodymium fishing magnet.
To let the neodymium search magnets have maximum magnetic force, it needs a minimum thickness/height for the metal(iron)shell. For example, 10cm, If the metal is too thin and do not up to the minimum thickness, then they can not fully guide the magnetic line produced by the neodymium magnets and the holding force will be weaker.

2. The material of the metal/iron used on neodymium fishing magnets.

The material of the piece is very important for good magnetic holding. Soft steels (low carbon content) present the best holding (100%). However, there are others with high percentages of carbon alloys of other materials, which lose their holding capacity. Also, some heat treatments reduce the capacity of steels to be held by magnetic chucks. In general, the harder the steel, the worse they behave and have a tendency to retain magnetism once they have been removed from the magnet. Sometimes it can even be difficult to remove the piece from the powerful fishing magnets.

3. The contact surface conditions of neodymium salvage magnets.
To achieve a good magnetic holding force, the contact surfaces of the neodymium salvage magnet must be in optimum condition. If the surface is not completely flat or with a rough finish, then the neodymium salvage magnets have a weaker holding capacity than those with a ground surface. So it is important to keep the surface of the salvage magnets in nice condition.

4. The contact area between salvaged pieces and salvage magnet.
The holding force is directly proportional to the contact area of the piece with the neodymium salvage magnet. Large pieces with large contact surfaces offer sufficient holding forces, while small contact surfaces can not provide the strongest holding force.

Meank Magnetics has double-sided search magnets and single-sided fishing(salvage) magnets for sale. All large neodymium fishing magnets are assembled with high-performance neodymium magnets, which ensure enough magnetic force for heavy-duty salvage. Different sizes of neodymium magnets for fishing can be selected according to the weight of the object being salvaged. In addition to standard fishing magnets, custom fishing magnets are accepted in Meank magnetics.

Neodymium Fishing & Search Magnets Characteristics

Neodymium fishing magnets are housed with thicker high magnetic permeability steel shells, which fully guide the magnetic line produced by the neodymium magnets and maximize the magnetic holding force.

The gap between the magnet and steel cup is filled with epoxy to let the neodymium fishing magnets withstand the wet environment.

All neodymium fishing pot magnets are wholesale magnetic assembly with one or two durable ring bolts.

For retail, we have high quality standard magnets assemblies with wide selection range for sale at cheap price(include mounting pot magnets, magnetic hooks, fishing magnets, magnetic bases and office magnets); For special applications, we can quickly provide the best magnetic application solutions.

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