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This privacy statement is applicable to all visitors who visit the website of Ningbo Beilun Meank Magnetics Co., Ltd.

We (Ningbo Beilun Meank Magnetics Co., Ltd)respect and protect the privacy of visitors, and promise that we will not publish the information of visitors to the website without the authorization of visitors unless required by law or procedure. We will regularly check the privacy protection measures to ensure the privacy protection of visitors' personal data.

When visitors use the website mailbox to send an e-mail or leave messages on the message board, the website will need users to provide necessary personal and company information according to the actual situation. This information belongs to the scope of privacy protection, and we will protect the privacy of this data content.

In the following exceptional cases, Ningbo Beilun Meank Magnetics Co., Ltd will not be able to guarantee the above commitment and disclose the user's relevant information. These situations include but are not limited to:

(1) When the user's behaviour on this website violates the administrative measures for security protection of computer information network and Internet information service or may damage or hinder the rights and interests of other netizens or cause damage to others, the disclosure of user's personal data is necessary for identification, contact or legal action.

(2) Personal information that must be disclosed or disclosed as required by laws and regulations.

(3) When the judicial organ or other authorized organs perform their official duties according to law and require the website to disclose specific personal data.

This website has comprehensive technical protection measures and a security maintenance mechanism to ensure the content of user information. However, due to force majeure, computer virus infection, hacker attack and other special external forces, resulting in user information damage, leakage and loss, this website does not bear any legal responsibility.


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