Adhesive Neodymium Magnets

Adhesive-backed neodymium magnets (neodymium magnets with adhesive backing) are just thin magnets with 3M self-adhesive on one of the magnetic poles. The adhesive layer is a 3M adhesive with a peel-away backing strip that can simply remove the shield backing and press the neodymium magnet with the adhesive onto the object you like to paste.

Adhesive-backed neodymium magnets are not only used in packaging, arts and crafts industry but also used for office and home.

Two Types of Self-adhesive Backed Neodymium Magnets Are Supplied by Beilun Meank:

According to the adhesive type, film adhesive magnets and foam adhesive magnets are widely used.

Film self-adhesive backed neodymium magnets: adhered to all the same types of materials but is thinner, better suited for applications with specific space requirements. The pressure-sensitive adhesives form a permanent bond with most high surface energy materials, firmly securing the thin magnets to the objects.

Foam adhesive-backed rectangular magnets are suitable for the irregularities of rigid substrates and adhere the magnets to various materials, including wood, plastic, ceramic, rock, and so on.

Both foam adhesive-backed neodymium magnets and film adhesive-backed neodymium magnets can be supplied by Beilun Meank.


Application Methods of Neodymium Adhesive Backed Rare Earth Magnets

If the round magnet discs with adhesive backing are used to attract to a steel surface(we can supply steel plates with an adhesive), you can use either north or south pole. They are equal in magnetic force. Meank magnetic's heavy-duty magnets with adhesive backing are well approved all over the world.

3M-adhesive backing magnets and adhesive-backed disc magnets are available for either the north pole or the south pole. If you want to use 2 pieces of adhesive-backed block magnets together, for example, to close a cardboard folder, the magnetic poles need to be opposed and let north-pole and south-pole face each other to attract.

adhesive-neodymium-magnets.jpgFeatures of Meank Magnetics's Magnetic Discs with Adhesive Backing

Our adhesive-backed rare earth magnets are with high quality 3M adhesive for the best adhesion;
Our adhesive-backed rare earth magnets are with quick release tab for fast and effective liner removal;
Our rare earth NdFeB magnets with adhesive made with high-performance neodymium magnets;
The best packing ways for all self-adhesive-backed neodymium magnets.

Beilun Meank offers a wide size range of adhesive-backed neodymium disc and block magnets, contact us now for adhesive neodymium magnets.

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