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Something You Need to Know About Magnet Assemblies

1. Magnet assembly design

Different types of permanent magnets are made from a variety of materials and have their own characteristics. Materials commonly used in magnet fabrication include sintered ceramic powder composites (iron oxide, ceramic powder, and barium or strontium), alnico alloys (consisting primarily of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt), and rare earth elements such as neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) and Samarium cobalt (SmCo).

In order to make customised magnetic assemblies, the manufacturer may process the material a little differently. For example, ceramic magnets can be extruded, compressed or sintered into a variety of shapes.

Magnet manufacturers consider several characteristics when making magnets. These properties include porosity, ease of fabrication, magnetic retention under heat and corrosion, magnetic strength, and cost. Manufacturers can customize magnet assemblies for your benefit.

2. The advantages of the magnet assemblies

In addition to being an important part of many technologies, magnet assemblies have many general advantages.

First, they provide a quick way to sort and separate metallic materials. They can rapidly separate ferrous metals such as stainless and carbon steel from non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum.

Second, they reduce your maintenance costs and extend the life of your product. They do this by preventing damage and reducing wear and tear. For example, they prevent tire blowouts.

Finally, they stop contamination by attracting and retaining magnetic and ferrous materials on storage and production lines.

3. Magnet assembly accessories

Common magnetic assembly accessories include adhesives, connectors, covers, and ferrous metal parts.

4. How to maintain the magnet assembly?

To ensure your magnets will last and function properly for a long time, you will need to perform some maintenance procedures.

First, if your magnets are supporting a load, we recommend that you test them regularly to make sure they can still support it.

Second, you need to clean and decontaminate them regularly. Every magnet is different, so it's best to discuss the type of cleaning and what cleaning materials should be used in a specific assembly with your supplier.

If you're looking for magnetic components, you need to work with a custom magnet manufacturer you can trust and understand your needs.

Our meank company's magnetic assembly products cover a wide range of types and sizes, including neodymium cup (can) magnets, ferrite (ceramic) cup/can magnets, plastic and rubber coated retention magnets, fishing magnets, various hook magnets, channel magnets, different types of office magnets and more. In addition to regular sized magnet assemblies, the company also completes the machining and assembly of many custom magnet assembly products each year. Welcome to consult.

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