Neodymium Magnetic Tiles

Arc or segment shape permanent magnets are known as magnetic tiles and tile magnets. To ensure durability, surface treatments like zinc plating or epoxy coating are applied. Choose from radially or diametrically magnetized tiles based on your application. 

Our custom neodymium magnetic tiles offer versatility without the need for molds. Simply provide your drawings, and we'll deliver tailored solutions for your motor needs. Elevate your projects with precision and performance – inquire and order your rare earth neodymium magnetic tiles today!

Application of Magnetic Tiles

Neodymium magnetic tiles find primary applications in DC motors featuring permanent magnets. In contrast to electromagnetic motors relying on excitation coils for magnetic potential, permanent magnet motors utilize magnet materials for a consistent magnetic field. Employing permanent magnet tiles as an alternative to electrical excitation brings numerous benefits, streamlining motor structure, easing maintenance, reducing weight, minimizing size, ensuring reliability, lowering copper consumption, and promoting energy efficiency.

Surface Treatment is Needed for Neodymium(NdFeB) Magnetic Tiles

Neodymium (NdFeB) magnetic tiles, also known as neodymium tile magnets, lack rust resistance and are prone to corrosion. To enhance durability, these Neodymium(NdFeB) magnetic tiles require protective coatings such as zinc plating, nickel, and epoxy coating. Addressing the susceptibility to rust and corrosion, these surface treatments ensure longevity.

SurfaceCoatingThicknes      s(Microns)ColorResistance
1Silver GreyTemporary Protection
NickelNi+Ni10-20Bright SilverExcellent Against Humidity
Ni+Cu+NiGood Against Salt Spray
ZincZn8-20Bright BlueExcellent Against Salt Spray
C-ZnShinny ColorSuperior Against Humidity
TinNi+Cu+Sn15-20SilverSuperior Against Humidity
SilverNi+Cu+Ag10-20SilverSuperior Against Humidity
GoldNi+Cu+Au10-20GoldTemporary Protection







Excellent Against Humidity,Salt Spray,Superior Against Solvents,Gases, Fungi and Bacteria,FDA Approved
Ni+Cu+EpoxyExcellent Against Humidity
ParyleneParylene5-20GreyExcellent Against Humidity
ChemicalNi10-20Silver GreyExcellent Against Humidity


Magnetization Direction of NdFeB)Magnetic Tiles

Considering the application, the magnetized direction of Neodymium(NdFeB) magnet tiles can be tailored to either radially or diametrically magnetized. When reaching out for rare earth Neodymium magnet tiles, specifying the desired magnetization direction is crucial.    

neodymium-magnetic-tile.jpgCustom Rare Earth Magnetic Tiles

Unlock custom solutions with rare earth Neodymium(NdFeB) magnetic tiles, specifically designed for motor applications. The machinable sintered Nd-Fe-B material allows for various tile shapes without the need for molds. Offering a range of surface treatments and magnetization directions, we cater to diverse motor needs. Share your drawings when inquiring and ordering, and elevate your projects with precision and performance. Contact us today for tailored rare earth Neodymium Magnetic Tiles, crafted for your unique motor requirements.

The Maximum Working Temperature of Neodymium Magnetic Tiles

Neodymium Material GradeMaximumWorking TempCurie Temp
N(N35,N38,N40,N42,N45,N48,N50,N52)176°F (80°C)

590°F (310°C)


212°F (100°C)

644°F (340°C)

N-H(N35H,N38H,N40H,N42H,N45H,N48H,N50H)248°F (120°C)

644°F (340°C)

N-SH(N35SH,N38SH,N40H,N42SH,N45SH,N48SH)302°F (150°C)

644°F (340°C)

N-UH(N28UH,N30UH,N33UH,N35UH,N38UH,N40UH,N42UH)356°F (180°C)

662°F (350°C)

N-EH(N28EH,N30EH,N33EH,N35EH,N38EH,N40EH)392°F (200°C)

662°F (350°C)

N-AH(N28AH,N33AH,N35AH,N38AH)428°F (230°C)662°F (350°C)

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