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Social Responsibility

The resources (whether human resources or raw materials rare earth magnets) used by Meank Magnetic have come from society. Therefore, Meank has the obligation to undertake the corresponding social responsibility. Mean promises to realize its own profits and undertake the following social responsibilities.

1. Produce high-quality magnetic products for the market

To produce high-quality magnetic assembly products(including neodymium cup magnets,rubber-coated magnetic bases, ferrite cup magnets) to satisfy the customers. Without high-quality magnetic products, the company is difficult to develop. If the company fails to develop, it will not be able to fulfil its social responsibility

2. Cultivate excellent technical talents for the company and the magnet industry

Technical talents are the key to the production and development of the company, and also the core power for the far-reaching development of the magnetic industry. Our magnets company provides as many platforms and opportunities as possible for employees to improve their magnetism skills.

3. Resource saving

First of all, water and electricity should be saved in production and life. Secondly, raw materials should be saved. Especially, rare earth resources are often used as raw materials for magnetic materials, which can not afford to be wasted. The company should recycle and reprocess every defective magnet to make due contribution to the sustainable development of the magnetic industry.

4. Maintain the market order of the industry

Do not deliver inferior magnetic products as good ones and compete reasonably.

5. Protect the environment

The production and packaging waste should be reasonably classified and put in the designated place of the industrial zone.

6. Paying taxes according to law

The development of the company cannot be separated from the support of various preferential policies of the state, and the development of the country also needs the tax payment of each enterprise as the financial basis.


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