SmCo Rectangular Magnets

Explore the durability of SmCo rectangular magnets with exceptional rust resistance and minimal free iron. Handle with care due to their brittle nature, ensuring safety during assembly. Despite their brittleness, Samarium Cobalt magnets maintain stable magnetic performance, making them a preferred choice in medical, aerospace, automotive, audio, motor, generator, pump, sensor, and military applications.

Handle with Caution: Safely Managing SmCo Rectangular Magnets


SmCo rectangular magnets boast strength but demand careful handling to prevent damage. Their brittleness can result in flying chips upon impact, posing injury risks. Awareness of these dangers is crucial, especially in receiving departments unfamiliar with their strength. Larger SmCo rectangular magnets can pose pinching hazards, emphasizing the need for caution. We advise all customers to handle these magnets with care.


Energy Efficiency and Grades for Rare Earth SmCo Rectangular Magnets


Explore a spectrum of samarium cobalt rectangular magnets for diverse applications. With magnetic energy ranging from 16 to 32 MGOe, these magnets offer cost-effective solutions. Choose from SmCo5 (1-5) and the more advanced Sm2Co17 types for tailored magnetic performance.


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