U/C Channel Magnets

Different from a normal cup(pot) magnet, the U-channel holding magnet, also called the ferrite channel magnet, is not round-shaped, and it is rectangular bar shape. The composition structure blocks bar magnets housed in a u-shaped steel shell. The magnetic adhesive force of the block bar magnets is significantly enlarged by the steel shell, meantime the block bar magnets are protected by the steel shell and avoid being damaged.

U-channel holding magnets are especially suitable for carpentry, kitchen installations, exhibition stand construction, shopfitting, signage technology, etc,and used as rectangular base magnets. To make it easy to be mounting, the u-channel holding magnets are made with one or two countersunk holes for screws according to the length. Usually, neodymium block bar magnets with countersunk holes and ferrite(ceramic) block bar magnets are used to assemble U-shaped screw-on holding magnets(magnetic holder). The neodymium channel magnets are for heavy-duty application, and the ferrite channel magnets are for lighter-duty application. Choose it according to your application to save unnecessary costs. Channel magnets can be used in both indoor & outdoor applications, the wholesale magnetic assembly is ideal for industrial & consumer mounting holding & fixing applications where high-magnetic strength is required.

The Application Of U/C Ferrite Channel Magnets

Neodymium(ferrite) U-channel screw-on magnets are mainly used for holding or mounting heavy-duty applications.

neodymium (ferrite)U/C channel magnets commonly used a magnetic tools holder in repair factory of the automobile industry.

Neodymium(ferrite) U/C channel magnets can be used as magnetic door catcher
neodymium(ferrite) U/C channel magnets can be used as magnetic vehicle license plate holders
neodymium(ferrite) U/C channel magnets can be used as magnetic blueprint holders
Neodymium(ferrite) U/C channel magnets can be used as magnetic sign and banner holders

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