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After Sale Service

Principle of After-Sale Service

Customer-oriented, providing customers with first-class services!

Quality first, focus on quality and comprehensive services for customers!

Aim at long-term cooperation, not one-time business!

Service as the core, create the most values for our customers!

In order to let the customer know the progress of the order, the sales staff keep the customer informed of the production situation.

After the order is delivered, let the customer know in time and provide the corresponding documents.

For sea-shipping: provide Bill of Lading(B/L), invoice, and packing list.

For air-shipping(Express): provide an invoice, packing list, and tracking number.

The salesman is the direct contact between the company and the customer. The salesman is required to give responding to the customer in different forms within 24 hours(one working day) after receiving the customer's complaint.

Sales staff record customer complaints and timely submit to the production department, technical department, and request to find out the cause as soon as possible, give solutions.

The production department and the technical department, after receiving the complaints, carefully analyze the causes and give the reasons and solutions within 2 working days usually.

For complaints with a long settlement period, the sales staff should keep in touch with the customers in time, and inform them of the progress of handling until the problems are handled with the satisfaction of the customers.

Warranty Policy

About the magnetic system products, whether as the core components of the magnet, or the iron shell/cup, hook, have been plated anti-rust treatment. However, if it is not used properly or stored improperly, there is still the possibility of rusting. Especially for steel cup magnets, it is easy to rust. In order to make customers order our magnets assemblies with confidence, we have carried on the appropriate warranty for all the magnetic products sold.


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