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How to Choose the Right Magnets ?

We know that customers don't often contact magnets and magnetic products, don't know magnets, and don't even know which magnet is the best for their needs.So how to choose the right magnets puzzle many customers. It doesn't matter. Meank has magnetic experts around you! We have listed some things to consider before buying magnets. If you need more help on magnets, please contact us

How will the magnet be used?

Think about how and for what purpose your magnet will be used. The magnet’s application is one of the most important things to determine.

●Do you need your magnet to hold, lift or retrieve? Holding magnets and lifting magnets are supplied

●Will it need to push or separate?

●Is it intended to organize, store, hang or clear areas of debris? Magnetic hooks and magnetic holders are supplied

●Something else? Rare earth industry magnets are supplied.

●Supporting visuals are extremely helpful. Feel free to send us drawings, sketches, photos or any other useful information to help us help you choose the ring magnets for your needs.

Where will the magnet be used?

Think about the space your magnet needs to fit, as well as the space around it.

●What is the length, width, height or diameter or magnet required?

●Will the space be a standard shape such as a block, disc, or sphere fit - or is the space irregular?

●Is the surface rough, flat, smooth or porous?

●Does the magnet need to be 3M adhesive backed on one side?

●Are there any weight restrictions or requirements?

●How much space will there be between the face of the magnet and what it needs to attract? (air gap)

●Will the magnet be used indoors, outdoors or both?

What type of magnetic material do you need?

There are several magnetic materials available and each magnetic material have special physical and magnetic properties. If you’re not entirely sure which one is ok for your need, please check the magnetic property table for guidance. 

●Flexible magnets

●Ceramic (strontium ferrite) magnets

●Alnico (AlNiCo - aluminimum, nickel, cobalt) magnets

●Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets

●Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets

What working temperature range of the magnet?

Will your magnet be exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold? These magnets have different working temperature range.

●Ceramic (strontium ferrite) magnets

●Alnico (AlNiCo - aluminimum, nickel, cobalt) magnets

●Rare earth Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets

●Rare earth neodymium (NdFeB) magnets

How strong do you need for the magnet?

The application will determine the strength of the magnet you need. Raw material magnets are rated by mega gauss oersteds, or more commonly, gauss. Magnetic assemblies are rated by pounds of pull.

As a professional magnets manufacturer, Meank Magnetics is dedicated to helping you choose the right magnet. Our magnet experts specialize in magnetic innovation and we look forward to helping you bring your ideas to reality.

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