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The Magical Effect of Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks are definitely one of the world's greatest inventions. You can stick them in the right place for it's very convenient to hang some small stuff. In addition to the regular functions, magnetic hooks have other magical effects.

1. Magnetic hooks for cars: Place a magnetic clamp on the driver's side of the seat, and you can hang your bag on it and never leave it on the passenger side.

2. Magnetic hooks for tissue box: Stick two magnetic clamps in the bathroom, and dig two holes in the back of the tissue box. In this way, you can take out tissue conveniently.

3. Magnetic hooks for closet: Old closet usually can not be closed completely. You can fix it by sticking two magnetic clamps on two sides of the closet doors and wrapping a rubber band on them.

4. Magnetic hooks for hanging keys: Stick a magnetic clamp near the entrance, and hang your keys on it after entering the home. When you go out, you can find it easily.

5. Magnetic hooks for toothbrush holder: Tilt a magnetic clamp and put your toothbrush on it, clean and convenient.

6. Magnetic hooks for cell phone charging socket: If there is no table near the socket, you can stick two magnetic clamps on the wall and put your phone on it while charging. It can avoid being tripped over the line.

7. Magnetic hooks for tablet computer shelf: Sticking 3 magnetic clamps on the head of the bed makes a solid screen shelf. You do not have to worry about lifting the tablet to hand cramps.

8. Magnetic hooks for bathroom storage: Sticking in the bathroom can hang towels. With a plastic basket, you can put a lot of personal items.

9. Magnetic hooks for pans: Stick a few magnetic clamps inside the closet, then put the lid on. It can save space and keep clean.

10. Magnetic hooks for garbage cans: Plastic bags in the garbage are easy to slip away. Sticking magnetic clamps on the side can fix it.

11. Magnetic hooks for cling film and aluminum foil: Stick two magnetic clamps on the wall to hold cling film and aluminum foil, making them convenient to take.

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