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Which Kind of Magnet is Better for Pot or Mounting Magnet?Ceramic Magnet or Neodymium Magnet?

Both ferrite and neodymium are widely used to make pot and mounting magnets,choose ferrite pot magnet or neodymium pot magnet?In this article,we introduce the difference between ferrite and neodymium magnet.

AppearanceFerrite pot magnet is loose and has no metallic luster, generally not electroplated, in black color; neodymium magnet must be electroplated, otherwise it is easy to rust. The surface has silver white metallic luster

Magnetic force: Ferrite magnetic force is usually 800-1000 Gauss; in the state of the bare magnet, the magnetic force of the neodymium magnet can reach 3500 Gauss.

Temperature resistance: Ferrite magnet has good temperature resistance and stability. In contrast, the temperature resistance of the neodymium magnets is poor.

As for the choice of ferrite or neodymium, the key depends on where you use it or what the magnetic force you need.

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