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What Are the Uses of Industrial Magnets?

1. The special application of industrial magnets depends on its special requirements

Industrial magnets have a wide range of types, shapes, sizes and strengths. They are used in various industries for different purposes.

The special use of industrial magnets up to its special requirements. Cranes may use industrial magnets to carry cargo.

Some commonly used industrial magnets include permanent magnets, electromagnets, ferrite, samarium, rubber magnets, sheet magnets, and neodymium electromagnets for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy in electric motors. Industrial magnets are often used in the automotive, electronics, plastics, glass, and ceramics, shipping, construction, mining, food, and pharmaceutical industries. They use magnets to facilitate production and generate electricity.

2. Industrial magnets are also used to implement industrial safeguards

Magnets can be used in conveyors, plates, components, separators, magnetized pulleys, pipe grids, chutes and cranes.

Magnets are used to separate non-ferrous impurities from non-ferrous metals. In the mining industry, magnets separate the metal from the ore. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, magnets pick out iron particles that are inadvertently mixed with food or drugs.

Magnetic scanners at airports, docks and construction sites collect any scrap iron that could endanger traffic or puncture tyres. By testing the filings, they can save maintenance costs before any damage.

Industrial magnets can lift, hold, transport, stack and unload heavy objects. This is useful in construction and manufacturing and mining.

Magnets are also used in salvage procedure to aid in dredging large items from the seabed. Permanent magnets are used in combination with electromagnets for electric motors that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Generators also use the same combination to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Electronic products such as televisions, radios, CRT computer monitors use magnets. And there are magnets in guitars and voice box, such as maglev train voice box.

Maglev trains are also levitated by using industrial magnets. Magnets on the bottom of the train and on the track repel each other. Because of this repulsive force, these trains actually float or hover above the tracks, which reduces friction and increases train speed.

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