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Channel Magnets Are Rectangular Mounting Magnets

All round cup magnets are known as mounting magnets,channel magnets are rectangular mounting magnets. Channel mounting magnet has one or two countersunk mounting holes to recess screw heads. It can be mounted to an object that needs to holding a metal surface, or it can be screwed onto a wall, ceiling or fixture to hold metallic objects in place. 


Channel&rectangular mounting magnets can perfect and fast organize your indoor and outdoor projects. These channel magnets can be used to mounting art projects, crafts, prototypes, and more at home, business and school, science projects, hobbies, garages, workshops, offices


The screw can be easily screwed into the wooden surface with screw head sitting flush with the surface of the rectangular mounting magnet. The countersunk hole on the magnet works well with countersunk head screw to affix onto any surface.


Meank magnetics supply both neodymium channel magnets and ferrite channel magnets for mounting.Welcome you contact us about channel&rectangular mounting magnets

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