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The Applications of Permanent Magnet Materials

Permanent magnet material, also known as "hard magnetic material", refers to the material that can maintain constant magnetism once magnetized. The commonly used permanent magnet materials are Al-Ni-Co permanent magnet alloy, permanent ferrite magnet and rare earth permanent magnet which include rare earth SmCo magnet and rare earth neodymium magnets. The main applications of permanent magnetic materials are as follows:

① Applications based on the principle of electromagnetic force mainly include: speaker, microphone, meter, button, motor, relay, sensor, switch, etc.

② The applications based on the principle of magnetoelectric action mainly include: microwave electron tubes such as magnetron and traveling wave tubes, picture tubes, titanium pumps, microwave ferrite devices, magnetoresistive devices, hall devices, etc.

③ Applications based on the principle of magnetic force mainly include: magnetic bearing, concentrator, magnetic separator, magnetic sucker, magnetic seal, magnetic blackboard, toy, sign, code lock, copier, temperature controller, etc. Other applications include: magnetic therapy, magnetized water, magnetic anesthesia, etc.

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