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How to Order Neodymium Cup Magnets

Correct and reasonable order neodymium cup magnets can save cost and avoid trouble. You'd better let us know this information when you send us an inquiry or purchasing neodymium cup magnets

1, Tell us the pull force requirement of the neodymium cup magnets, then we'll adjust the size of the magnets to save cost you.

2, Tell us the working temperature of the neodymium cup magnets, then we'll use the correct magnet material for the cup, If necessary, ferrite pot magnets should be used.

3, Tell us the finish treatment of the neodymium cup magnets, the price will change for different surface treatments.

4, Tell us the quantity that you want to order for neodymium cup magnets, we'll quote the cheapest price for a big quantity.

5, You need to tell us the packaging requirements in advance if you need special packing.

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