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Classification of Magnetic Assemblies

Magnetic assembly(component) is a kind of magnetic application product composed of magnets, hardware or plastic & rubber, which has strong practicability. Common magnetic components can be divided into metal magnetic assemblies and plastic&rubber magnetic components.

Metal magnetic components are magnetic products composed of magnets and metal products. The metal itself is not magnetic, because magnets are coated in the metal products, so the metal products will have magnetism. Magnets for magnetic assembly are generally divided into NdFeB strong magnet and permanent ferrite magnet. The metal magnetic component products of Meank Magnetics include NdFeB pot magnet, ferrite pot magnet, fishing magnets, magnetic hooks and channel magnets.

Plastic&rubber magnetic assemblies products are magnetic plastic products. Ordinary plastics have no ferromagnetism. The main advantages of magnetic plastics are high impact strength, low density, can process complex shape products, can form embedded magnetic products, Meank Magnetics specializes in processing plastic&rubber magnetic products, such as plastic coated magnets, rubber coated magnets, rubber coated mounting magnets, and all kinds of magnetic pins.

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