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What Are the Main Differences Between NdFeb Magnets and Samarium Cobalt Magnets?

The surface of the NdFeB magnet is beautiful and smooth after coating, while the surface of the samarium cobalt magnet is slightly rough, which is the most intuitive difference. The following content will introduce other differences in detail.

1. The magnetism, temperature and price difference of samarium cobalt magnets and NdFeB magnet

The most critical factor in choosing a magnet is magnetism, and among samarium cobalt and ndfeb rubber magnet, NdFeB magnets are stronger.

The maximum temperature resistance of neodymium pot magnets is 220 degrees, and the maximum temperature of samarium cobalt is 350 degrees, which is much higher.

The rare earth elements neodymium and boron of NdFeB magnets account for a small proportion, so the price is relatively cheap; samarium cobalt magnets have more rare earth elements samarium and diamond, and about 70% are samarium and cobalt, so the price is relatively expensive.

2. Which one is better, samarium cobalt permanent magnet or NdFeB magnet permanent magnet stability?

The remanence temperature coefficient of neodymium pot magnets is relatively large. The higher the temperature rises, the lower the remanence. The remanence temperature coefficient of samarium cobalt is very low. At the same temperature, the demagnetization of samarium cobalt is much less than that of NdFeB. In addition, NdFeB magnets must be electroplated, otherwise it will be easily oxidized and corroded and weathered.

3. The difference between the processing characteristics of rare earth samarium cobalt and rare earth NdFeB

Both materials are brittle, and neodymium pot magnets are relatively easier to machine.

4. The difference between the maximum magnetic energy product of samarium cobalt and NdFeB magnets

The maximum magnetic energy product of NdFeB magnets is 52M, while the maximum magnetic energy product of samarium cobalt NdFeB magnets is 32M. It can also be seen that the magnetic force of neodymium pot magnets is much higher than that of samarium cobalt magnets.

5. The difference between the outer surface of samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boron (neodymium magnet)

Samarium cobalt magnets usually do not need surface treatment, but if the use environment is harsh, the service life will be longer after electroplating, and it will be more beautiful. NdFeB magnets are easy to oxidize and need surface electroplating treatment.

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