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How to find & identify the North and South pole of a magnet?

We all know that every permanent magnet has South pole and North Pole, and the two poles exist at the same time. Sometimes we need to know which end is the south pole or the north pole. So how to find the N pole or S pole of an unmarked magnet? The following methods are commonly used to find the N or S pole of an unmarked magnet in the china magnetic hooks factory:

1.With a poles marked magnet:  With the help of a magnet marked with magnetic poles and the principle that the same poles repel each other and the different poles attract each other, you can easily identify the polarity of a magnet .


2. With a magnetic pole identifier: A small painted magnetic rod (the color of the paint represents different magnetic poles) is fixed in the middle of a circular plastic shell. When rotating around the magnet, the small magnetic rod will rotate all the time. This magnetic pole identifier not only indicates the polarity, but also shows the direction of the magnetic field line.


3. With a compass: Imagine the earth as a giant magnet, and the north pole of the earth is the south pole of these giant customised magnetic assemblies. Therefore, the South Pole pointer of the compass points to the north pole of the permanent magnet.


4. With Pen Type Electronic Pole Identifier: There are two LED indicators on the electronic magnetic pole identification pen, representing N and S poles respectively. As long as you point the pen tip of the electronic magnetic pole identification pen to any position of the magnet and press the button, the LED will light up to display the corresponding polarity.


Thank you for reading this article patiently. I hope you have understood how to quickly find & identify the north and south poles of magnets. Meank is the world's leading supplier of magnets and magnetic products. We can supply high-quality rare large neodymium magnets for sale, neodymium & ferrite pot magnets, application magnets which including magnetic hooks, fishing magnets and mounting magnets.

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