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What Factors Will Affect Magnetic Hooks in the Process of Use?

When using a magnetic hook, we definitely want it to show good practical results. In particular, we want it to show good magnetic and can bear the force of heavier blocks. In order to show a good practical effect, it is necessary to know the key elements that will damage the magnetic hook.

1. The first-factor affecting magnetic hooks: The magnetic of magnetic hooks

When using it, the magnetic hook plays a full role and completes the work based on its own magnetic. As a result, the magnetism of the hook itself must immediately affect the effect of actual use. In general, hooks with better magnetism will work better.

2. The second-factor affecting magnetic hooks: The actual installation effect

When installing magnetic hooks, if the installation face is not quite neat and smooth, generally it cannot have the stable actual installation. An unstable installation can cause poor performance when using hooks quickly. As a result, the installation of a magnetic hook will have a very key effect on its actual use.

3. The third-factor affecting magnetic hooks: Acting force

If the magnetic hook is loaded beyond its limit, the hook will fall. Therefore, the force assumed by the hook will also have immediate harm to its actual use.

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