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The Use of NdFeB Magnet and Its Function

Ⅰ. Wide application of NdFeB magnets

Ndfeb magnet permanent magnet material is a kind of energy storage technology raw material, it can cause stable electromagnetic field in a certain indoor space. Because of its extremely high magnetic energy product and magnetic energy product, especially in the environment of 20 degrees Celsius - 150 degrees Celsius. Compared with the performance of other permanent magnet materials, NdFeB magnets have been widely used in various industries, especially in new technology industries.

Different types of magnets have different main uses. NdFeB magnets are rare earth powerful NdFeB magnets with the strongest magnetic properties in contemporary times, and their application industries are also extensive.

Ⅱ. Main applications of NdFeB magnets:

1. Electroacoustic, permanent magnet DC motor, communication, automotive electronic products, magnetic mechanical equipment, aerospace, electronic computer electrical products, medical machinery, office systems, toys, packaging boxes, luggage leather products, magnetic decorations and other industries .

2. NdFeB magnets Permanent magnets are used as constant magnetic fields in watt-hour meters, generator sets, telephones, speakers, televisions and microwave heating components, as well as in recorder pickups, speakers, and in the cores of various instruments and meters. , also used in electronic products such as radar detection, communication, navigation, monitoring, etc.

3. The operating temperature of square samarium cobalt magnets can reach 300 degrees, and it has anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. At this stage, it has been widely used in detectors, generator sets, radar detection, instrument panels and other high-precision cutting-edge technologies.

4. Alnico magnets are heat and corrosion resistant, key applications in motor sensors, medical equipment, hand tools, subwoofer speakers and a variety of instrument panels.

5. Rubber magnet is divided into same-sex and heterosexual. Same-sex adsorption is very weak, the key is used for car stickers and other decorative design gifts, refrigerator magnets, toys teaching materials and other categories. Magnet force is very strong can be used for small and medium-sized motor inductor magnetic adsorption products. The main purpose of different magnets is very critical for the company, flexible use of different magnet characteristics can be faster to improve equipment characteristics.

Today, our company has dozens of advanced magnetic components related to parts processing equipment and machined magnet components. Our wholesale pot magnet factory has expanded from traditional steel cup (can) magnets to rubber and plastic coated holding magnets, mounting magnets. Our company has also trained a group of professional magnetic assembly and testing personnel, the production of magnetic fine workmanship, the qualified rate is much higher than other manufacturers. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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