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Performance Advantages and Matters of Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks are commonly used for doors, cabinet stoppers, door stoppers, ceiling fixtures, signs and banners, dense components, fixtures, lighting facilities, exhibits, industrial fixtures. This makes it easier and safer to perforate walls or doors and Windows. It can also protect various items from secondary construction. Here we discuss how to buy a good magnetic hook and how to use it properly.

1. How to choose a magnetic hook?

When you need to use any product, you need to do a good job of product selection and purchase. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing and purchasing magnetic hooks?

A. The manufacture. The quality and performance of magnetic hooks produced by professional manufacturers will be more guaranteed.

B. Does the hook style specification fit your application requirements? For different applications, specific types and specifications of magnetic hooks are different. As a result, in order to achieve the application of hooks, we study hooks. When buying a magnetic hook, we need to pay attention to the hook style and size.

C. The quality of magnetic hooks. Only the magnetic hook with high quality have the ability to optimize applications. For example, when purchasing a hook, the manufacturer needs to describe the material, the construction, and the surface of the hook in detail.

The main reason why magnetic hooks can win the trust of consumers is the particularity of the material. Only when the magnetic hook has strong magnetic force can it give full play to its performance in use.

2. What affects the magnetism of a magnetic hook?

A. Avoid long-term overload. Magnetic hooks have a limited lifetime and carry a limited load. If you overload it, it's easy to reduce the magnetic force.

B.  The magnet used for the hook does not meet the requirements. The contact between the hook and the magnetic material is too small, which can also lead to a decrease in magnetic force.

C. The product itself has quality problems. Despite its superior performance, it must be handled with care when purchased because there are many factors that could cause more problems. Failure can also reduce the magnetism of the magnetic hook. Therefore, we need to take the right method to solve the problem in time, avoiding affecting the effect of use.

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