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Differences Between Open and Closed Magnetic Knife Holders

1. Closed magnetic tool holder

The closed magnetic tool holder includes a closed casing, the closed casing is a closed metal cuboid, one side extends to two ends with a square metal sheet with holes, and the inner part has a left and a right part structure.

After the closed magnetic knife holder is sealed, it is not only dust-proof, but also not easily affected by dust and oil. It is easy to clean and not easy to breed bacteria. Both ends of the closed magnetic knife holder can be installed in any stable place, which is convenient for metal objects to be placed. Not only the closed magnetic tool holder, we also provides magnetic welding holder for sale.

2. Open magnetic knife holder

Magnetic knife holders currently on the market are open and not sealed. The problem that arises is not only that it is not dustproof, but also that there are unsafe aspects.

If the knife is not cleaned and adsorbed on it, it will breed bacteria and it is difficult to clean. The interior of the open magnetic knife holder is composed of magnets, magnetic strips and glue magnets. The main component of the rubber magnet is CPE (chlorinated polyethylene). The rubber-type CPE is a special synthetic rubber with excellent comprehensive properties, heat-resistant oxygen, ozone aging and flame retardancy.

The open magnetic tool holder mainly relies on the suction of the above substances to stabilize the tool. Due to the limited magnetic properties of the above substances, there will be certain unsafe factors.

The part of the customised magnetic assemblies closed tool holder that absorbs the tool has changed from the original open type to the current closed type to prevent the open part from hiding dirt and dirt. It is usually hung in the kitchen, dust and oil can be easily hidden in the magnetic knife holder, and the knife is not easily affected by dust and oil.

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