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Difference Between Maximum Working Temperature and Curie Temperature for Permanent Magnets

Many customers want to know the maximum working temperature and Curie temperature for ferrite and NdFeB magnets. What is the difference between the maximum working temperature and Curie temperature? Mean magneitcs introduce it for you.


 The magnetic strength of NdFeB magnets is closely related to the change of ambient temperature.In the range of working temperature, the magnetic force will weaken when the temperature rises by 1 ℃, and most of them can return to the original level after cooling, which is reversible.If the temperature reaches Curie temperature, the molecules inside the magnet move violently and demagnetize, which is irreversible


The upper limit of the temperature of neodymium magnet is 80 ℃ and the Curie temperature is 320-380 ℃. The upper limit of the high temperature resistant neodymium magnet working temperature is 200 ℃, Curie temperature is 400 ℃. The upper limit of the ferrite magnet heat-resistant working temperature is 300 ℃, Curie temperature is 450-460 ℃

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