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Testing Method for the Quality of Strong Magnets

Strong magnets have better performance and quality than ferrites, and strong neodymium magnets can absorb 640 times more weight than themselves, which is why strong magnets get the title of "Magnetic King".

If you don't know the quality of the strong magnets you buy on the market, don't let others know that you are a layman. Is there a quality inspection method for fast detection of strong magnets?

Ⅰ. Testing the quality of strong magnets is mainly evaluated from two aspects:

1. Product performance

Strong magnet is a unified standard. The main indicators are remanence, coercive force and magnetic energy product grade. Strong magnets of different sizes can be distinguished by Gaussian sum. The quality and performance of such magnets can be distinguished by Gaussian. Through the magnetic performance tester, general users cannot test.

2. Product appearance

You can pick it up and check the appearance of the product, mainly looking at five aspects of appearance:

(1) Pitting corrosion: including bubbles, scars, electroplating tumors, slag layers and local thickness.

(2) Edge cracks: edge cracks and material residues.

(3) Scratches: knife marks, line marks, nail scratches, etc.

(4) Cracks: Cracking, etc.

(5) Trachoma: pinholes, pores, particles, etc., it also depends on whether there are missing edges and corners around, whether the electroplating is in good condition, and whether the size meets the design requirements. Neodymium magnet coating to prevent corrosion and rust on the magnet surface. The same specifications are placed on a plane that can be adsorbed and can be used to distinguish the magnitude of the magnetic force.

If you compare the user's requirements for strong magnets, you can understand the magnetic properties of the magnet under test through the classification and analysis of the demagnetization curve.

Ⅱ. Why can't strong magnets be made too thin?

Strong magnet, we all know that it is a solid sintered from rare earth NdFeB. Its magnetic properties are very strong and are used in many fields. It is also a common magnet with a relatively large demand in the market.

It has different shapes and sizes, thick and thin, long and short, simple or complex. In our magnet manufacturer's many years of production experience, the thickness and length of magnets have a certain range, not as much as you want, it is It must conform to the law of the product characteristics of the magnet itself.

Our customer service staff often encounter customers who ask whether the strong magnet can be made large or thin. In fact, these are all possible. But if it is too large, its magnetic force is very strong, which is very inconvenient to use. When it touches a ferrous product, this strong magnet will be strongly attracted, and it is easy to smash the magnet, which will hurt people in serious cases. We will not recommend customers to use too large a magnet; secondly, when the magnet is made too thin, it is inconvenient to use, because it is rare earth, it is easy to break, and coupled with the strong magnetic force, it is easy to waste the product cost.

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