Magnetic Holders

A magnetic holder is a great design for magnetic applications, It is a strong magnetic component, mainly used for organizing and holding ferromagnetic objects. The most common magnetic holders classified as magnetic tool holders, magnetic knife holders, and magnetic welding holders. They bring great convenience to our life and production.

We have these types of strong magnetic holders for sale:

The Application of Magnetic Holders

The welding magnets are used for hardware finishing and construction industry iron welding positioning is a good helper for your welding The welding magnets can also be used for hardware, mechanical equipment, hardware mold, fixture holding.

Magnetic Tool Strip&bar Tool Storage Method Vs Traditional Tool Storage Method

A good collection of tools is a fundamental part of every repair shop.  Of course, a good set of repair tools are not cheap, so they should be stored properly to keep their lifespan.

The traditional storage method is to use a drawer or in a tools block, however, these tool storage solutions have certain drawbacks that turn them into not the most desirable way to store your tool. On the other hand, these disadvantages of blocks and drawers are exactly the advantages that a magnetic toolbar has.

A magnetic tool holder doesn't take limited space of your repair shop. This is a fundamental advantage of magnetic tool holders, especially for small repair shops.

The tools are easy to retrieve if they are stored by using a magnetic tool holder and you don't have to guess where the tools are because they are on display, ready to use.

The edge of the tool will keep longer with a magnetic tool holder. If you store your tools in a drawer, the constant touching of the tools will dull your tools quickly. This problem can be avoided by using a magnetic tool holder because the tools don't touch each other on a magnetic toolbar.

It is extremely safe to use magnetic tool holders. On one hand, you will not have the risk of hurting yourself when rummaging into a tool drawer. On the other hand, because you can mount the magnetic tool bar high on the wall where your kid couldn’t get the tools.

In all, using a magnetic tool holder or magnetic tool strip is the best way to properly store your tools. It is cheap, convenient and safe, and is necessary for your workshop.

The Reasons For Using Magnetic Knife Holders(magnetic Organizer And Storage Strip) In Kitchen

As a magnetic holder for the knife, there are some reasons for using magnetic knife bars in your kitchen.

If you don't have enough storage space in your kitchen, you can increase the storage space by using a magnetic knife holder. The magnetic organizer and storage strip are easy to be mounted onto the wall. It doesn't need to punch holes. The hook is not needed, it directly depends on the magnetic attraction of the magnets.

If you want the kitchen utensils to be placed in order, you can use a magnetic knife stand to store the kitchen knives and utensils, which can prevent the problem of bacteria breeding and keep the kitchen clean and hygienic.

If you want to provide safe kitchen space for your baby, you can use a magnetic knife rack to hold dangerous knives to the wall.

The original bamboo or iron knife holder is placed on the tabletop, occupying the space of the table, while the magnetic knife holders make full use of the wall space, and neatly absorbs kitchen tools, cookware, and scissors

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