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Advantages and Characteristics of NdFeB Magnet

Magnets play a very important role in the development and production of modern society. During our daily life, whether in electronic and electrical equipment, or in industrial production, even in the scientific research, magnetic force is supposed to in favour of them.

In order to facilitate the application of different industries, we will learn about NdFeB magnets together today.

1. The advantages of NdFeB magnet

NdFeB magnet has high cost performance and good mechanical characteristics. The disadvantage is that the Curie temperature point is low, the temperature characteristic is poor, and it is easy to powder and corrode. It must be improved by adjusting its chemical composition and taking surface treatment methods to meet the requirements of practical application.

2. The characteristics of NdFeB magnet

NdFeB belongs to the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet material. NdFeB magnet has the characteristics of small size, light weight and strong magnetism. It is currently the magnet with the best performance and price ratio, and is known as the Magneto King in the field of magnetism. The advantage of high energy density makes NdFeB permanent magnet material widely used in modern industry and electronic technology. In the naked magnetic state, the magnetic force can reach about 3500 gauss.

The core technology of NdFeB magnet industry is mainly reflected in the manufacturing process, specifically reflected in the uniformity, consistency, processing quality, coating quality and other aspects of its products. But many people do not know much about this kind of magnet, and only know their unified name.

I hope today's sharing can help more people understand the characteristics of NdFeB magnets. If you want to know more professional information, as well as different magnets knowledge introduction, please consult!

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